We Aim To Make You Feel, Look And Move Better

so that you can function at your highest potential.

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We aim to make you Feel, Look and Move Better so you can function to your optimal potential. Our first and foremost goal is to help you manage your pain as this is often your most pressing concern and complaint. Often your presenting complaint (pain) is the bodies alarm bell telling you there is a problem. So, don’t delay, make your appointment now.


about us

Chirohealth is a dynamic team consisting of Dr Anthony, the principal Chiropractor, Dr Gert, the associate Chiropractor, and Daphne, office manager, and secretary. Together we offer a warm and caring environment for our patients.


Want to find out more about Chiropractic? Not sure what to expect? We have already answered some questions on our FAQ's pages.


We are passionate about keeping our patients informed and up to date about what we do and why. For the latest news and insights, read our blog.

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Child | Full Time Student (ACC)

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